A recent article posted that needs sharing by everyone, if we don't protect these animals who will? We've already lost the Western Black Rhino species to the black void that is extinction fairly recently, and it now looks like the Northern White Rhino species is on the edge of the abyss and might keel over if conservationists can't pull off a miracle. So it's sad news to learn that Angalifu, the 44-year-old male Northern White Rhino at the San Diego Zoo has passed away in the early hours of the morning yesterday. He was under veterinary care for a variety of age related conditions, and with him gone, there are only 5 remaining individuals from his species: 1 elderly female at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, 1 at a zoo in Czechoslovakia, and 3 in Africa. “Angalifu’s death is a tremendous loss to all of us.” said Randy Rieches , curator of mammals for the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. “Not only because he was well beloved here at the Park but also because his death brings this wonderful species one step closer to extinction.” Source and read the rest of the article: click here