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Someday All Pet Food Will Be Made This Way

Chow Down Pet Supplies is proud to carry Addiction in Grand Junction, Colorado. Addiction started in 2002 when our founder – a leading holistic veterinary surgeon and clinical nutritionist with over 20 years’ experience– began to notice that everyday pet foods were under nourishing our pets and, in fact, causing them harm. Setting out to revolutionize pet food formulation, our founder developed a completely new range of foods inspired by our cats’ and dogs’ natural diets and based on providing them with all the nutrients they need to thrive.

Dog Food
  • Dry Dog Food: Salmon Blue Puppy, Wild Kangaroo & Apples, Le Lamb, Viva La Venison, Salmon Bleu Dog, Mega
  • Raw Dehydrated Dog Food: Outback Kangaroo Feast, Fig'licious Venison, Perfect Summer Brushtail, Steakhouse Beef & Zuchini Entree, Homestyle Venison & Cranberry Dinner, Herbed Lamb & Potatoes, New Zealand Forest Delicacies, Nutri-RX Allergy-HS, Country Dinner & Apricot Dinner
  • Canned Dog Food: Black Forest Rabbit & Blueberries Entree, Herbed Duck Confit & Sweet Potatoes Entree, King Salmon & Potatoes Entree, New Zealand Brushtail & Vegetable Entree, New Zealand Venison & Apples Entree, Safari Buffalo Meatloaf, Turkey with Cranberries & Applies Entree, Unagi Seaweed Entree
Cat Food
  • Dry Cat Food: Duck Royale, Salmon Bleu Cat, Viva La Venison
    Raw Dehydrated Cat Food: Wild Brushtail & Berries Entree
    Canned Cat Food: King Salmon & Potatoes Entree, New Zealand Brushtail & Vegetable Entree, New Zealand Venison & Applies Entree, Unagi & Seaweed Entree
Dog Treats
  • Meaty Bites - Beef, Meaty Bites - Brushtail, Meaty Bites - Chicken, Meaty Bites - Venison
Cat Treats
  • Unspecified
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